The transition from parenting kids to leading teens is a difficult one in our culture. But there is still hope!

Many parents have heard that maintaining a strong relationship and shaping the direction of their teen is nearly impossible today. However, our time and research with teens says differently.

Shepherding Your Teen helps parents transition from parenting children to fostering the development of young people who will thrive spiritually, socially and practically beyond their home. This series combines research YTN has conducted with over 1,500 teens, high school student video segments and an eye opening look into Jesus' approach to shepherding His disciples.

We look deeply into the issues that are discouraging teens at school, church and home, helping parents better understand the perspective of their teen. This understanding along with the shepherding content helps parents improve and maintain strong, healthy relationships with their teens.

Parents who have attended Shepherding Your Teen:

"Jeff Schadt changed my son through me!" -Rick Rablin

 "I saw my daughter’s heart come back to life." -anonymous mother

 "It changed my walk with God and helped me understand why my son did not want to go to his youth group anymore"  -Debbie Branson

Shepherding Your Teen can be formatted to expose parents to the issues and challenge them to engage or go deeper into the issues, helping parents reevaluate and assess the need to change their approach with their teen.


1) A one-hour session, designed to expose and engage parents of pre-teens and teens formatted for a Sunday School Class hour.

2) A weekend conference or retreat with four to eight sessions offering the opportunity to delve more deeply into the research related to teens and four key principles of Shepherding that transform the relationship between teens and their parents.

3) A Shepherding Your Teen & Reboot four-day retreat. This incorporates our teen "Reboot" content around teens' faith issues and the Shepherding content for parents. The material parallels each other and creates non-threatening points of discussion between teens and parents designed at building a strong relationship and approach to the teenage years and their future together.

4) Reboot Retreat for teens is a three or four-day conference/retreat that covers the central issues that confuse and discourage the hearts of our teens related to their faith in a open dialogue, discussion and self-discovery format. Each session approaches the students through their own experiences and stories helping them internalize it in a more real and experiential fashion.

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